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Veronica O'Neill
Veronica O'Neill
Freelance Illustrator and Concept Artist
Sydney, Australia


Veronica is a Sydney-based illustrator and concept artist who loves to paint fantastical scenes filled with characters and creatures.

Full portfolio available at

Previous clients/projects:
- Storytellers Forge: Black Ballad Interior Illustrations
- Chaosium: Lords of the Middle Sea Interior Illustration
- MCDM: Arcadia 29 Interior Illustrations
- MCDM: Arcadia 27 Cover Art
- SMG Studio: RISK (Marketing Illustrations)
- Uppercut Games: Unannounced Project (Contract Concept Artist)
- Joshua Raphael: Godhunt (Character concept work)
- Game Hollywood: Survivor Legacy (Character concepts and illustrations)
- Campdog Productions: 1UP (Character concepts and marketing illustrations)
- BlindSparrow Interactive: Unannounced Game (Character concepts and illustrations, visual development work)
- Riot Games Oceania: OPL Team Shirt Illustration


Concept ArtEnvironment DesignIllustrationCharacter DesignCreature Design

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